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    Robust audio editor software to edit audio visually & precisely and you can also capture sound of any source!


Capture Any Sound & Digitize Analog Audio

Audio Editor for Free is able to record audio from all sound sources you could find: stereo mix, mic, sound being played by external devices and more. It can help digitize your classic analog audio collections like vinyl records and cassette tapes, saving them from damage caused by time or other risks. Time-triggered recording is supported.


Edit Audio Visually & Precisely

Audio files or recordings loaded in Audio Editor for Free will display in waveform on which you can perform millisecond precision editing like Cut, Copy, Paste, Mix, Delete, etc. Bookmark and region marker can be applied to swiftly jump between multiple editing points or sections.


Stylish Audio Effects & Filters

Audio Editor for Free provides many audio effects and filters to tweak your audio files and recordings, making them unique and ear-catching. Echo, fade in/out, EQ, reverb, reverse, pitch shifting, speed changing, noise reduction... all effects and filters can be changed to suit certain usages and previewed in real-time before mixing down to the audio files.


Easy to Share Audio in All Formats & Quality Standards

Audio Editor for Free is able to work with 50+ audio formats including MP3, WMA, M4A, WAV, AAC, AC3 FLAC, OGG, APE, MPC, MPGA, CDA, VOX, RA, AIF, TTA, G721/G723/G726, etc. The quality of the output format can be adjust via parameters or presets. Now your audio can be used anywhere or shared with anyone without concerning about the restriction of format and quality.


Burn/Rip CD, TTS, Batch Conversion & More

This free audio editor software always provides more beyond your expectation. It can create Audio CD from your audio files and recordings, rip audio CD tracks with free CDDB support, convert text to speed (TTS), join multiple audio files into a single one, convert audio files or add audio effects in batch, provides visual frequency analysis, view audio in spectral mode, etc. The interface integrates with Keyboard Shortcuts & Key Tips, making all recording/editing/enhancing process easy like a charm.


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What can you do with Audio Editor for Free

How to Edit Audio
How to Edit Audio?

Have you ever got the urge to edit some audio to make them perfect but you're not sure where to start? With this free audio editor, you will never need to look further. It is a powerful music editor that lets you perform all the necessary operations with audio files: record music, mix audio samples, cut and trim tracks, merge several MP3s, apply effects, mute parts of a song, and much more! [More...]

How to Record Audio from Any Sources with Top Quality
How to Record Audio from Any Sources with Top Quality?

As a music lover, there must be times you want to record online music to listen to it again or share it with your friends. With this free audio editor, you don't need any special hardware for your computer or expensive software to capture live streams and convert them into audio files. Audio Editor for Free can not only record audio from the web, but also it can be used as a system audio and voice recorder. [More...]

How to Add Audio Effects
How to Add Audio Effects?

Do you want to make your finished recordings or an audio file received from friends polished and professional? Audio Editor for Free is just what you need! It has the ability to fulfill all the missions like cutting, pasting, editing and applying any audio effects including compression, EQ, fade in/out, delay, chorus, reverb, time stretching, pitch shifting and more. It has an impressive list of supported audio formats including M4A, WAV, MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG, etc. and it is claimed to be so easy to use that even a tyro won't get lost in it. [More...]

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